BJ released this video, about Nick Diaz and UFC hyping fights.

This next footage is a response to that from the UFC in their 137 Countdown show. The footage is raw and uncut given to

BJ then releases this video. From the Kenny Florian fight. And this statement

I have attached a video in response to the recent issue started by the article released on…

If you watch it, it will show the UFC interviewer specifically instigating trash talking from BJ. While BJ’s recent recount may not have been 100% accurate based on what the video released allowed you to see, our video shows them asking for specific items from BJ in hopes to hype the fight.

So forgive us for a slightly innacurate recount of events, but as you can see, we are used to the UFC making requests that instigate a fighter to say things he would not normally say and for that reason BJ is somewhat sensetive to these types of baited interviews now.

That is all.

– Pedro Carrasco