The Gracie Breakdown of UFC 154 with Rener and Ralek Gracie. They discuss Georges St. Pierre’s unparalleled grappling ability and break down his fight against Carlos Condit. They talk about GSP’s transitions, control and basic functional ease in which he employs his ground work. They also cover Carlos Condits inverted knee-bar attempts. – Find a Certified Training Center near you, or learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from home, and test for official belts online! Registration is free and the first three lessons are unlocked for your instant viewing!

The Ultimate Gracie Giveaway: 1 Week in Jiu-jitsu Heaven!
Rener and Ralek also introduce the next Gracie Giveaway – an all-expense paid trip to jiu-jitsu heaven for one week of private and group class training with the Gracie Family in Torrance, California. To enter this contest, you need to be an active jiu-jitsu student and you need to watch this video ASAP: