GST : Gracie Survial Tactics with Rener Gracie and Brian Ortega. This exercise highlights 2 Cops vs 1 MMA fighter.

Direct Excerpt :

The simple truth is, the bad guys are learning. With the explosive growth of MMA around the world, basic submissions, positions, and fight strategies have never been so familiar to everyday people around the world. But unfortunately, when people are learning how to fight on YouTube, or at any of the hole-in-the-wall MMA gyms that are popping up everywhere, they rarely, if ever, learn the moral and philosophical aspects that will ensure the safe and ethical application of the techniques, and this presents a very serious threat to law enforcement professionals around the world.
The objective of the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) program is to mitigate this threat by teaching military and law enforcement professionals the essential 3-phase defense strategy specifically designed for unanticipated violent physical assaults by highly aggressive subjects.

Phase 1: Neutralize the threat.
Phase 2: Retain control of your weapons.
Phase 3: Achieve a position of advantage.

In this video you’ll see several of the techniques taught in the GST Level 2 Instructor Certification Course. Most importantly, you will notice that all the techniques adhere to the 3 founding principles of the GST program:

Principle 1: The bad guy always has the ambush advantage.
Principle 2: Never grapple with the suspect/enemy by choice.
Principle 3: In a street fight, there is no “tap-out.”

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