The Gracie Way : Episode 13 Starts with Rener Gracie, Eve Torres, and Brian “T-City” Ortega on their recent GST trip to Arizona. They get speed-shooting lessons from 6-time world champ, Rob Leatham. Rener and T-city’s have an impromptu speed-shooting contest. Then somehow Eve Torres memorizes 52 names before lunch on day 1 of the GST course, Officers talking about and going through some of the instruction. Rener then visits Gracie Academy in Arizona run by Relson Gracie Black Belt Nathan Zigler.

For more information on upcoming GST instructor courses for Law Enforcement, visit:

Special thanks to Darin Mowery, Rob Leatham, Scott Tanenbaum, Nathan Ziggler for all their help in making it happen.

Rener is wearing the new Simple Series t-shirt “I GOT YOUR BACK”…