Nick Diaz was a no-show at the UFC 137 press conference in Las Vegas – just like he was a no-show at the press conference in Toronto the day before. Dana White decided enough is enough and axed him from the card, giving Carlos Condit the title shot in his place. In this interview with MMA:30’s Dave Farra; Dana White talks about the trust lost, why he thinks he’ll never heard from Diaz again, and touches on Overreem vs. Lesnar and the UFC’s return to Japan.

At the UFC 137 pre-fight press conference, a bombshell was dropped: Nick Diaz is out due to lack of participation in mandatory press, and Carlos Condit is in. Here UFC champion Georges St Pierre talks with MMA:30’s Dave Farra about Diaz, Condit, and why Greg Jackson is not coaching him for this title fight.